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Cedarbrook Veterinary Care values our patients as family members and we provide a level of care and experience we’d wish for with our own horses and companion animals, as well as ourselves. Our doctors understand horse psychology and we use low stress, compassionate training and handling techniques which help our patients understand that we are here to help. When we work together with patients as a team we can reduce the amount of sedation needed for procedures, such as dental floats and minor surgeries, while improving the safety of the procedures for both patient and doctor. Stress can lead to immune system suppression, slower healing times and ultimately poor treatment results, whereas love, compassion and understanding can improve these things. We are mindful of this in every aspect of our patients' treatment plan; minimizing stress is key to obtaining optimal healing.

For this reason, and for the holistic health of our animals, Cedarbrook makes the whole animal well-being a priority - not just their physical health but also how our patients experience their vet care. We pride ourselves on the fact that 'vet phobic' horses and dogs get less and less vet phobic in our care and eventually come to trust and appreciate us. What a difference this makes in an emergency situation when that connection we have formed with our patients carries them through the trauma to a healthy recovery or peaceful passing.

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care was founded by Hannah Mueller, DVM, in 2004 as a one doctor mobile practice and has grown into a multiple doctor practice with the addition of the Cedarbrook Farms facility. Cedarbrook Veterinary Care was named in honor of Dr. Hannah’s canine ‘vet school angel’ Cedar and her daughter Heron Brook. Further expansion has given the Cedarbrook Veterinary Care team the opportunity to better serve our clients and patients through holistic rehabilitation.

Our practice believes a holistic combination of possible modalities is the best way to provide cutting edge care to our patients. Traditional western medicine misses so many valuable treatment options that alternative medicine has to offer, and in many cases the root of the problem. Alternative medicine misses the leading edge of diagnostics and equally valuable medical treatment options. Rather than just considering alternative vs. traditional medicines, our ‘holistic’ practice combines the two to be truly on the forefront of what medicine has to offer. Cedarbrook fully encompasses the word holistic – it is inclusive and provides for the complete high quality care for all aspects of the whole patient — mind, body, herd, environment, nutrition, fitness, etc. The balancing of these energies for fitness/bodywork avails our vets to a higher understanding for veterinary services, bio-mechanics, physical therapy and the like. This experience and intention strengthens our veterinarian’s perception and evaluation abilities to discern both the physical and energy potential of our patients.

Our Mission

At Cedarbrook Veterinary Care we strive to maximize the quality of life for our patients by providing quality holistic veterinary health care. We do this by paying the utmost attention to the individual needs of our patients and their guardians through compassionate care and integrity.

The Doctors

Our doctors have been and continue to be avid horse people. They have personal experience caring for and interacting with horses on a regular basis outside of their practice. This includes barn chores, physical and mental training, riding, showing, teaching and interacting with equines in a connected manner rather than simply considering them to be only a means to an end. This actual hands-on lifestyle is not only why we are passionate about what we do, it is why we do it so well! It is vital to the essence of our practice and our ability to connect with our patients and clients.

Hannah Mueller, DVM - Dr. Hannah is a 2004 graduate from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine with a focus on equine sports medicine, lameness, advanced equine dentistry and nutrition. She has continued her studies to include acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, herbs, energy work and more. Read more about Dr. Hannah...

Penny Lloyd, DVM - Dr. Penny Lloyd has been with Cedarbrook Veterinary Care since 2011 and has recently transitioned her home base to Hawaii to be closer to family. She will, however, continue to do relief work for us from time to time so please let us know if you would like to be on the appointment list for when she is here. Read Dr. Penny's full bio...

The Staff

The staff here at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care play an integral role in the services that we offer our clients. Our staff is just as passionate about our clients as our veterinarians. To learn more about Cedarbrook Veterinary Care’s wonderful team, please follow the link.

About Dr. Hannah Mueller

Dr. Hannah riding Cricket a rescue horse on the trail

Dr. Hannah Mueller is a 2004 graduate from Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. From 4-H to the Intercollegiate riding team, she has loved, cared for, ridden and trained horses for most of her life; horses are her passion. Before becoming a veterinarian, she gained experienced as a veterinary assistant, horse trainer, and farrier.

During veterinary school, Dr. Hannah focused on equine sports medicine, lameness, advanced equine dentistry and nutrition. Dr. Hannah was also active in the alternative medicine club and obtained Reiki Level I and II training outside of vet school. After graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Hannah worked first as an associate veterinarian, then in December of 2004, she started her own practice based out of Monroe, WA. Dr. Hannah continued her studies of herbs and physical therapy, as well as becoming certified in veterinary acupuncture in 2005 and chiropractic in 2006. Dr. Hannah discovered her gift and love of hands-on healing, rehabilitation, and equine dentistry as she mastered these modalities. In 2010, Dr. Hannah opened the pristine Cedarbrook Farms rehabilitation center facility, where patients can haul in for dental floats, bodywork and other appointments, or come and stay for a few weeks to a few months for a rehabilitation treatment plan.

Dr. Hannah strives to provide the best care possible for her patients and believes her unique holistic approach allows her to do so. Dr. Hannah has a solid foundation in western medicine, dentistry, sports medicine, and lameness. This, along with her training in acupuncture, chiropractic, stretch exercises, massage techniques and other hands on healing modalities, allows Dr. Hannah to rehabilitate horses to their fullest potential. She excels in rehabilitating horses with dental imbalances, lameness, neck and back injuries, and horses with behavioral problems.

Dr. Hannah believes in following holistic principles not only in her practice but also in her daily life. She feels that stewardship to animals, the environment, and to her community is a key element of holistic living. She has a driven, passionate desire to make a difference to all the animals in her care.

Because of this passion and the need to give back, Dr. Hannah also runs Cedarbrook Farms where she enjoys giving talks and teaching veterinary and veterinary technician students how to perform veterinary procedures while providing veterinary care and rehabilitation for rescue horses. Dr. Hannah also regularly writes articles, gives 4-H and Pony Club talks, helps to manage the Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning program, and teaches Yoga for Horses classes at the farm.

Dr. Hannah resides in Snohomish, Washington with her family as well as her dog, cats and horses. She enjoys hiking, biking, guitar, dance, skiing, and of course, riding.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

About Dr. Penny Lloyd

Dr. Penny in the tulip fields

Dr. Penny Lloyd has been with Cedarbrook Veterinary Care since 2011 and has recently transitioned her home base to Hawaii to be closer to family. She will, however, continue to do relief work for us from time to time so please let us know if you would like to be on the appointment list for when she is here.

Dr. Penny Lloyd is fascinated with healing at the deepest levels of transformation. Raised in the "Land Of Living Skies" of rural Saskatchewan Canada, Dr. Lloyd was born with a love of animals and a farm size appetite for learning and teaching.

For over 20 years, Dr. Penny Lloyd has practiced and integrated conventional and holistic veterinary medical techniques. She earned her Bachelor in Agriculture in 1984 and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988. Dr. Lloyd has worked in private practices, and taught at both Indiana Purdue University and Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospitals. She attained her certification in Acupuncture from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1994 and Chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1995.

Motivated to learn how to help animals even more, Dr. Lloyd took advanced professional training in Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Homeopathy, and Dentistry. Other areas of study include: Saddle Fit, Massage, Physical Therapy, Reiki, Personality Types, Medical Intuition, Sound, Color, Equine Facilitated Therapy, Mind Body Medicine, Hawaiian Hooponopono, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic and Theta Healing. Her library contains over 1,000 books on wellness.

Dr. Penny has a special interest in expanding what is possible in the human-animal bond. The fun, healthy benefits of having a pet or taking a walk in nature are becoming widely known. These benefits can be increased exponentially for both people and animals, if people are educated how to connect deeper with nature. Ask her how to play games with your animals, to enhance your connection, both you and your friends in nature will benefit from creating new levels of joy, peace, and love together. She looks forward to meeting you and your pals!

"After a lifetime studying various forms of medicine, I have learned that deepening our connection to animals and nature can be the most profound therapy of all."
~ Dr. Penny

About the Staff

Cedarbrook Veterinary Care was founded by Dr. Hannah Mueller, DVM, in 2004. What initially started as a mobile holistic veterinary clinic has grown into a full-fledged facility while still offering clients the option of farm calls.

Of course, the staff at Cedarbrook Veterinary Care play an integral role in our business. As you will soon be able to recognize, our staff is just as passionate about our clients and their beloved equines as our veterinarians.

Colby Schimpf Office Manager

Office Manager

Colby Schimpf has more than 20 years of experience in office administration, with seven years as an administrative assistant for a national medical corporation where she trained and managed the front office staff for more than 20 physical therapy clinics.

In October 2017, she joined Cedarbrook as the office manager.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren and riding her horses.

Reception Staff

Details coming soon!

Caretaking Staff

Cedarbrook Farms employs compassionate, knowledgeable and reliable caretaking staff to ensure your horse has a positive experience at Cedarbrook Farms.

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